Problematic Use

Experiencing problematic cannabis use?

Treatment for cannabis problems is based mainly on psychosocial approaches, including, in the case of adolescents, multidimensional family therapy. Psychosocial approaches encompass a range of structured therapeutic processes which address both psychological and social aspects of drug use behaviour. These measures vary in format, duration and intensity but include approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy, contingency management and motivational interviewing (EMCDDA, 2021).

More specifically, the available evidence supports the use of cognitive behavioural therapies in the treatment of cannabis use and dependence in adults. Cognitive behavioural therapy promotes the development of alternative coping skills and focuses on changing behaviours related to substance use through self-control, social skills and relapse prevention training (EMCDDA, 2021).

The available evidence also supports the use of multidimensional family therapy (MDFT) in the treatment of cannabis use among young people. MDFT is an integrated, comprehensive, family-centred method for addressing youth problems. It works with the adolescent and their family and community to improve the young person’s coping, problem-solving and decision-making skills, and to enhance family functioning (EMCDDA, 2021).

The EMCDDA explains that Malta does not offer cannabis-specific treatment programmes. However, if wanting to learn more, please refer to the following website or call Sedqa on 179 / 23885110.



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