Dr Janice Formosa Pace

Dr Formosa Pace holds a Degree in Psychology (Melit), a Post Qualification Diploma in Probation Services (Melit), an MSc in Forensic & Legal Psychology (Leicester, UK), and a PhD in Criminology (Huddersfield, UK). The focus of her PhD was to develop an understanding of the concentration of offending in Maltese families and to analyse the evolvement of crimes across the generations.  Dr Formosa Pace has compiled and drafted the first National Crime Prevention Strategy for the Maltese Islands. She worked in local church and government schools, mainly as a PSCD teacher, before joining the resident academic stream in 2016. Dr Formosa Pace is a Senior Lecturer within the Faculty for Social Wellbeing at l-Universita’ ta’ Malta.  Her background in teaching, expertise in academic research and knowledge that encompasses the social and community spectrum leading to the potential for reduction of crime and enhancement of social wellbeing shall be pivotal to her role in the Cannabis Authority Board.