Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis Announces Regulatory Updates
Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis Announces Regulatory Updates
5 July

The Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis (ARUC) is introducing significant updates to its regulatory framework through amendments to several key directives. These updates aim to enhance the operational standards and effectiveness of Cannabis Harm Reduction Associations. The amended directives include:

Directive 1: Technical Standards and Approved Operating Practices
Directive 2: Harm Reduction Practices
Directive 3: Approved Premises
Directive 4: Key Positions
Directive 6: Governance and Administration

The updates are designed to optimise the performance of Cannabis Harm Reduction Associations, ensuring they adhere to the highest standards of practice. Notably, the Directive on Harm Reduction has been refined to guarantee that the core objectives of the reform are uniformly communicated through a standardised Declaration of Association for all registered members.
ARUC remains committed to continue improving its regulatory framework, ensuring the smooth and effective implementation of the responsible use of cannabis reform in accordance with legislative parameters. The Authority emphasises its dedication to fostering a community-based approach, where associations operate strictly on a not-for-profit basis.

Additionally, ARUC is proud to announce the issuance of a new license, bringing the total number of licensed Cannabis Harm Reduction Associations to eight.
The Authority would like to remind the public that only the Cannabis Harm Reduction Associations listed on the ARUC website are licensed to cultivate and distribute cannabis through a closed membership system.”

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